While watching Jack Reacher I realized that Werner Herzog was playing the role of Zec. But why would such a famous arthouse director (whom I remember of not being particularly fond of mainstream Hollywood cinema) play a supporting role in a movie like that. Is there some interesting backstory behind this (maybe he is a fan of the books?) or was it just the usual business?

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    Wait til you see his cameo on parks and rec
    – EdChum
    Commented Feb 9, 2015 at 20:22

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From an interview with Werner Herzog:

I was approached by the director and Tom Cruise. They wanted me. I think it's a logical idea because I've done parts before where I played really dysfunctional and outrageous and dangerous characters, like in Harmony Korine's Julien Donkey Boy, and because of that and other films they were interested in me. And I liked them for their professionalism and commitment – things that I prize myself.

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