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A 2006 German-American political war thriller film co-produced and directed by Edward Zwick, about Danny Archer (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Solomon Vandyinvolved (Djimon Hounsou), two men involved in the business of diamonds in Sierra Leone during Civil War.

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How does HIV bestow 'double meaning' to Blood Diamond?

In response to a fan theory that Danny Archer (portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio) in the 2006 movie Blood Diamond had HIV, this Reddit comment quips Nice double meaning to the movie's title as well. ...
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Why did Danny Archer stay back to recover the diamond?

Why did Danny Archer stay back to recover the diamond in Blood Diamond? Was the diamond his only escape out of Africa? Or was he sympathetic towards Solomon and wanted to help him recover his family?
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How did Solomon knows it is a signal of attack?

I've seen Blood Diamond on TV but I've missed some scenes so it makes me confused. When Danny Archer told Solomon "Time I quit smoking anyway, huh, Solomon?" Why would Solomon knows it is a signal of ...
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Why does the accent of Leonardo DiCaprio sound so different in Blood Diamond?

The accent of Leonardo DiCaprio as Danny Archer sounded different in the Blood Diamond Film. I have seen quite a good number of Hollywood movies, so I have become familiar with their accents. When I ...
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What's the purpose of Solomon's son Dia in Blood Diamond?

Apart from the regular plot, that in order to save his son he must overcome battles and so forth, what other purpose does his son have? This is based on the fact that his son's name is Dia. And in ...
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