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Questions tagged [anime]

Referring to Japanese style of animation and English term for animated series originating in Japan. To be used only on questions specifically about the intricies of anime, not on general questions about specific animes.

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What is magenta shadow in anime and what does it mean?

This question has haunted me for a long time! I was trying to search for anything I could find, but I have not found the answer. In anime, there are moments where the "camera" gets a weird ...
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Is Lucy's pose from anime?

In Twin Peaks season 2, episode 21 Lucy gives a pose to the beauty pageant judges. She puts her finger to her cheek. I've seen this pose and similar in anime but this episode was aired in 1991 where I ...
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Character names changed while dubbing

Yesterday while I was watching Scooby-Doo, I deliberately changed the language settings from English to Hindi (popular Indian language) to have some fun. But throughout the telecast I noticed that ...
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