Watching The Fugitive (1993) today, I remembered US Marshals (1998) and how the US Marshal team is the same in both movies. I was happy when I found US Marshals was an official spin off of The Fugitive (I never honestly thought about it before) placing both films in the same universe.

What I haven't been able to find however is if there were ever any other films rumored/planned that involved Samuel Gerard and his team. Were there ever any other films planned? If not, is there a specific reason they never planned anything else? It seems that US Marshals did not do as well as The Fugitive did; is that what it boils down to?


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Yes, but...

There were rumors in 2015 that Warner Bros were planning on reviving the series, and possibly casting Harrison Ford again, however this is only now evident on a few different websites, and Harrison Ford's IMDB page only shows an unnamed Indiana Jones project as planned.

However, in November of 2019, it was announced that Warner Bros was rebooting the series, and has tapped Albert Hughes to direct. There is also a Quibi short form series starring Keifer Sutherland that is entirely separate upcoming.

So yes, it looks like it was once planned to have another in the series, but that has since been scrapped in favor of a reboot, with no release date estimated as of December 2019.

  • Thanks for that new series information! Will have to keep my ear to the ground!
    – Odin1806
    Commented Dec 21, 2019 at 22:53

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