What happened to the Terran version of Michael Burnham in Star Trek: Discovery? The emperor seemed to believe that she could be alive.


According the prequel Star Trek: Discovery comic miniseries, Succession Mirror Burnham was killed.

In the Star Trek: Discovery comic miniseries, Succession it was revealed that Burnham pretended ally with Lorca, in order to stop his plans. However, she could not reveal her plans to Georgiou. Burnham then hid herself on Risa and waited for her moment to strike. She eventually took the mantle of Empress from Georgiou's cousin Alexander (β). However, Burnham was killed by Airiam (β) who then succeeded her as Empress.

  • What about the final episode with Georgiou? That would seem to contradict this.
    – theMayer
    Aug 14 at 16:43
  • Ya, I think you're right the information has been "updated" per season 3 finale, but I would need to watch the episode again/go to Star Trek wiki just to get my facts straight. I will come back and make an edit soon.. Aug 15 at 13:18

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