In the movie Oceans Thirteen, after the drill hit the bank's hotel building for the third time, the drill does not stop at once; it goes on for several seconds and the building vibrates. Then Rusty asks others (maybe he asks himself),

Do you think Roman would.... [pause] Nah.....

Then we see Roman Nagal drinking from a soda/beer can.

What I want to know is, what exactly Rusty was referring to in his dialogue above? I can't think of anything that fit into the plot.

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The actual line was

Do you think Nagel was...nah

It's in reference to a deleted scene where Roman Nagel talks about the possibility that their earthquake scheme might cause an actual earthquake.

He would have said, "Do you think Nagel was right about causing a real earthquake?"

See the deleted scenes at around 3:05 mark and watch as he is leaving the room.

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