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Questions tagged [oceans-thirteen]

A 2007 American heist movie and the third installment in the trilogy about Danny Ocean and his unique group of highly skilled thieves.

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In Ocean's 8, which male con actors appear as cameo from the previous installments?

Ocean's 8 features some prominent cameos of real celebrities, but I also noticed that some of the characters from the "Danny Ocean"-Installments (Ocean's 11 through 13) are appearing on ...
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The rigged dice, all the way from the factory in Mexico, how did it work?

In Ocean's Thirteen they plan to rig the dice and the Malloy brothers go all the way to the factory in Mexico where the dice are made to rig them with some chemicals, which in turn would roll to the ...
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Ocean's 13 roulette dialog meaning

I was watching Ocean's 13 there is a line before the mass winning scene and where GRECO goes down and I don't understand what it means. This is where Yen is disguised as a wealthy overseas ...
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How did Ocean's Thirteen made their profit [closed]

I'm not really getting how Daniel and his friends made any profit from their hustle. Sure, the Chinese guy won in roulette and Daniel and Rusty made some minor profit at the dice table but that surely ...
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In Oceans Eleven are the con names real?

In the 2001 version of Oceans Eleven and the subsequent films, Twelve and Thirteen, a lot of references are made to cons with names. For example: Aretha Franklin Looky Lou Bundle of joy Lost in ...
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What did Ocean mean by "You shook Sinatra's hand - you should know better"?

For some reason while watching Ocean's Thirteen the one thing that jumped out at me was the repeated reference to shaking of Frank Sinatra's hand. This occurs earlier in the movie during a flashback ...
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In Ocean's Thirteen, how can a loaded roulette ball's outcome be predicted down to three digits?

Introduction In Ocean's thirteen, the team decides to use loaded balls to rig the Roulette Table, since no Hi-Tech solution seemed to work out for them. They get a Pit Boss to plant the loaded balls ...
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How do Ocean's 13 rip Bank of 500 million dollars in one night?

In the movie Ocean's 13, they rig every game in the casino in order for Bank to lose as much as possible. But once everyone is on a winning streak, Danny gives the green light to start the "earthquake"...
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What was Yen putting and why?

In Ocean's Thirteen what for Yen was putting inside of some place after passing through the path of elevator? I didn't get what for Ocean planned to put something there. Because I think afterwards ...
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Who are Linus' mom and dad really?

In all the Ocean Movies - Linus' (Matt Damon's) mom (in 12) and dad (in 13) get the gang out of sticky situations. They say they are part of the law enforcement agencies - but I have never been sure. ...
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What is Rusty Ryan is referring to in this scene?

In the movie Oceans Thirteen, after the drill hit the bank's hotel building for the third time, the drill does not stop at once; it goes on for several seconds and the building vibrates. Then Rusty ...
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