Zootopia is in a world where only mammals evolved, although there are some mammals missing specially the primates and domesticated animals such like the dogs and cats.

I came across a doubt about the existence of platypuses in the Zootopia universe, specially since it's a mammal that lays eggs.

Is there any reference to the existence of platypuses in Zootopia?

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Yes, but only in secondary canon.

In the film itself (primary canon), there are no platypuses. But the "expanded universe" novel The Stinky Cheese Caper and Other Cases from the ZPD Files, in which Judy and Nick visit the Australian-themed Outback Island, features a platypus named Singcor Swim (ha ha).

I found this answer by Googling "zootopia platypus", which led me first to this page, confirming that platypuses do appear somewhere in Zootopia canon, and then to this page, which pointed me to the relevant book.


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