I understand that Ever After: A Cinderella Story is a fairytale; however, the film included actual historical figures and references in the film. The historical figures do not coincide with movie timeline. Here are just a few examples:

The King of France is called Francis, which I am assuming is Francis I of France. His son, called Prince Henry (assuming to be Henry II) is portrayed as an only child. Francis I actually had 7 children, 5 of which survived into adulthood and the oldest son, also Francis would be next in line to the throne at the time of the movie.

Leonardo Da Vinci is portrayed as a very old man and is a guest of the King of France. Prince Henry appears to be 18-20 yrs old in the movie; however, Da Vinci died in 1519 and the actual Henry II was born in 1516, so Henry would have only been 3 yrs old during Da Vinci's visit.

The basis of the movie is Danielle (a peasant girl) and Prince Henry's romance. Henry II actually married Catherine De Medici...who is a far cry from a peasant girl.

Does anyone know if these characters (the royals) could be based on any other figures or be set in a different time other than a suggested time line of early 16th century? I know that with Da Vinci in the movie, it should be narrowed down, but the timeline seems to be all over the place.


Although there are historical figures in this movie, you just have to accept the fact that the time line is never going to add up. I agree that Francis is more than likely Francis I and Henry is Henry II. Since the characters in the movie are extremely loosely based on historical figures, you just have to take it with a grain of salt that the time line will never make sense.

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