I may have missed the explanation of this, but Monica's apartment looks very different from every other episode of Friends in episode 10 of the first season. Why is that?

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    Could you provide some sort of visual to better illustrate what you're talking about?
    – MattD
    May 8, 2015 at 18:11
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    Do you mean the fact that it was a New Year's Eve episode and there were a lot of seasonal decorations around? Or do you mean that the entire set is somehow different?
    – Walt
    May 8, 2015 at 18:58

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The reason the apartment looks different is it's the build up to the gang's New Years Eve party and decorations are up (possibly from Christmas?). Apart from the obvious monkey...

image of the kitchen

  • Red and silver tinsel around the apartment door (just off screen on the left)
  • Silver star hanging from the ceiling behind the apartment door (just off screen on the left)
  • Gold tinsel in the kitchen work surface
  • Red Christmas lights in the kitchen
  • More silver stars hanging in the kitchen
  • Decorations on all of the wooden beams in the kitchen
  • Some kind of tree with decorations between the kitchen and the living area

the rest of the apartment

  • Fake snow on all of the bay windows
  • Christmas lights out on the balcony (it's worth noting these are missing from the above screenshot but appear in the scene before the credits and later on... 10/10 for set management)
  • Big tree (that gets decorated later in the episode) near the bay window
  • Wreath hanging from the bay window

Oh, and lots more people than usual (later in the episode, during the party).

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