Couple of instances that point to the unexplained & inexplicable importance of the doll sans as the conduit.

First, at the beginning, when John gives the doll as a gift to Mia, when she exclaims something on the lines of "I've been looking for this for so long. Where did you find it?" "Well, I have my means"

Secondly, at the end, when an old women exclaims to a shop owner about the doll, saying that she wants to gift it to her daughter who is a nurse. The shop owner replies with something like "Oh sure, that doll is a collector's item"

Even before being turned into a conduit, the doll was hideous & scary. Why was it treasured so much in the movie(as a doll, not as a conduit by the cult)?

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The real doll was a vintage Raggedy Ann doll (unlike the porcelain one used in the movie). These dolls are collectible, and can fetch upwards of US$3,000.

And yes, old dolls are usually creepy looking.

Here's a webpage about their collectibility: From Raggedy To Riches

In short, it's kinda like finding a 1952 Willie Mays Topps card.

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