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American horror film from 2014, exploring the origin of a haunted doll introduced in "The Conjuring".

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Was the production team of E.T. (1982) movie aware that they have been using a look-alike toy of infamous Annabelle doll?

It caught my attention while watching E.T. in Amazon Prime that the doll they have used as a toy in the kids' bedroom is surprisingly very similar to the haunted "Annabelle doll", 1970. That ...
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Why don't they destroy Annabelle?

So, it wouldn't make for an exciting movie or any sequels, but why doesn't anyone try to destroy Annabelle, like set her on fire or throw her in a wood chipper?
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How did the demon possess Janice without permission to take her soul?

In Annabelle Creation, as told in flashback the demon attached itself to the Annabelle doll after permission from Mullins. In the beginning when demon started haunting Janice, she told sister ...
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Do I need to watch Annabelle before Annabelle 2?

Like the title says, must I watch the original film, or can Annabelle 2 be watched as a stand-alone movie?
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Do I have to see "Annabelle" to understand "The Conjuring 2"?

Do I have to see The Conjuring as well as Annabelle to understand the plot of The Conjuring 2, or does the movie follow a completely new story? Please avoid spoilers in the answers.
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Why was the doll from Annabelle so treasured?

Couple of instances that point to the unexplained & inexplicable importance of the doll sans as the conduit. First, at the beginning, when John gives the doll as a gift to Mia, when she ...
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