Do the ancient Japanese healing methods that Raizo performs on himself in the movie Ninja Assassin really work?

  • From time to time, a traditional healing practice is found that "really works" in the sense of modern medicine. But generally it is thought that most of them do not. – Gerald Edgar Feb 3 '15 at 20:16

Sure. In the same way a placebo really work.

It's all about belief. If you believe you're receiving ancient healing, then yes it will probably work in the same way that a vitamin pill works for chronic pain or depression if your doctor convinces you that you're receiving cutting edge medication.


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There are actual documented accounts of people who have been able to impale themselves and remove the impaling item without injury. I don't know of any who have been able to heal sword wounds got in battle inflicted by others.

If I knew of an actual ninja ability like this, I would hesitate to reveal it, out of due respectful fear... :-)

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