In Red Dwarf S01E02- Future Echoes, when Lister is showing some of his photographs to Cat,

Cat: Who's that guy?
Lister: That's me grandmother

Lister's grandmother

However, in S07E03- Ouroboros, it's revealed that

Lister is his own father, and his mother is Kochanski, and he went back in time to abandon himself as a baby so that humanity will always exist.

With this in mind, is there any explanation as to who his Grandmother is or could be?

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    The first two seasons have been mostly retconned. Not that internal consistency was ever a Red Dwarf thing. – System Down Jul 10 '14 at 19:43

Although I agree that Red Dwarf is loose with its own history, and I wouldn't think too hard about inconsistencies from (in particular) the first 2 seasons. However, Lister was adopted, and so I've always thought the woman pictured was one of his adopted parents mothers. It's frequently mentioned throughout the show (often by Rimmer as a putdown) that he was adopted.

But as I said, Red Dwarf isn't one for letting its own history spoil a potentially good gag.

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