In The Prestige, Angier & Cutter take Fallon prisoner and bury him in a coffin, as hostage for Borden's secret. Borden comes and hands over the key to the diary, then digs out Fallon. Which one of them is it?

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    I find your question a little confusing. You're asking which of the two Bordens was in the coffin? But...how would you distinguish them from each other? I'm not entirely sure what answer you expect other than that one of the two Bordens was in the coffin, which judging by your last sentence you already know. – Napoleon Wilson Feb 23 at 2:45
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    There is no way, their only defining difference was the lovers and how / why you would be able to track which one the identical characters happened to end up buried.... :-/ – Stephen Francis Feb 23 at 7:30
  • Yes, that's my question. Is it the smart one (who loves Olivia), or the nice one (who loves Sarah)? – JimZipCode Mar 5 at 15:30

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