While on the set of Badge of Honor in L.A. Confidential (1997), Sid engages in conversation with Jack, all the while fiddling with a $50 bill between his fingers and thumb. Suddenly, Jack snatches it away.:

Sid: Patchett's what I call twilight. He ain't queer and he ain't red. He cannot help me in my quest for prime "sinnuendo."

(Camera focuses on Reynolds and DA)

Sid: As though Badge of Honor would touch that guy with a 10-foot pole... ...after he's been Hush-Hush cover boy twice in one year.

Who is that guy Sid referring to?


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That guy is Matt Reynolds, played by Simon Baker.

Sid is paying Matt to sleep with DA Loew so he can bust in and take pictures for Hush Hush, which will make Matt a cover boy twice. The first time when Jack busted him for smoking pot after the movie premier.

In Sid's words to Jack...

I'm getting him to f__ the D.A. for a hundred bucks.(winks) That's twice the fifty you got for wrecking his career.

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