In an episode of Batwoman, after Alice is captured and locked up in a van, Kate goes to her to reassure her that she didn't lead the Crows. Alice responds by reciting something from Alice in Wonderland about 3 sisters before saying that she didn't like to share.

To me, this seems to like Alice is implying that Kate has a third sister. Who or what is she referring to?

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    I didn't see the episode yet, but if your hypothesis is correct and it is a mystery the series will likely explore, this falls into future work policy. I am not voting to close though.
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I believe the quote you are referencing is:

"Tell us a story," said the March Hare.

"Yes, please do," pled Alice, and so the Dormouse began "Once upon a time, there were 3 little sisters.

That being the case, Alice/Beth is Kate's sister but Mary Hamilton (played by Nicole Kang) is their step-sister being the daughter of Jacob Kane's second wife, Catherine.

enter image description here

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