In Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Cliff drives home from Rick's place and sees a hitchhiker called Pussycat:

CLIFF: Hello, hot stuff.

Pussycat: Looks like third time's the charm.

CLIFF: Mm. How were those pickles?

Pussycat: Real good. They were the fancy kind.

What pickles is he referring to?

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    The ones she took from the trash few scenes before. When they "met" first time. Isn't that obvious?
    – user28434
    Commented Dec 24, 2019 at 9:14

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The very first line on this page says it all: Film Review

A Cadillac screeching around Sunset Boulevard. Barefoot hippies in rainbow crochet stealing pickles out of dumpsters.

Cliff recognized Pussycat as one of those hippies.

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