In the movie Logan we can see Caliban along with Charles and Logan. But Caliban was last seen in X-Men Apocalypse. How was he particularly chosen to be in Logan? And why wasn't he affected because of Charles uncontrollable mind because every other mutant was dead by his doing.

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It has been a while since I watched Logan, but (as I recall) Charles Xavier's "mindquakes":

  1. Affect Mutants and Non-Mutants equally - and humanity is not extinct
  2. Have a limited sphere of influence (although, theoretically, this would effectively vanish with Cerebro)

It is then not a case that "every other mutant was dead by his doing" - rather, the mutants (and non-mutants) who were in his vicinity at the time were affected and, in the incident you are referencing, died. This presumably includes the X-Men, and students at the School.

(Assuming that either he was still the headmaster, or the school was still based out of his ancestral home)

  • This is a very valid point, the Westminster incident eliminated only the X-men. But currently, this doesn't answer OP's questions about Caliban.
    – 299792458
    Dec 27, 2019 at 9:16

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