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What is the symbolism behind the young people making out in the cemetery?
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Earlier in the episode, Claire was running through the cemetery when she was berated by a woman, who said, "You shouldn't run here, it's disgraceful. Have you no respect?" Knowing the character, ...

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What does "Zero Dark Thirty" mean?
7 votes

Turns out it's answered in the trivia section of the IMDb entry: "0 dark 30" is a term commonly used by the military to refer to a non-specific time when it is dark outside, either very late or ...

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Significance of the Owl in "Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy"
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The significance of the bee scene is that, unlike the others in the car, Smiley is totally focused on the things that matter (the mole) and able to completely ignore trivial distractions like the bee.

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