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1973 American caper film set in September 1936, involving a complicated plot by two professional grifters (Paul Newman and Robert Redford) to con a mob boss (Robert Shaw).

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Why is the cop deliberately involved with the final part of the sting?

In The Sting, Snyder who knows Hooker by his right name hustles Lonnegan out of the fake race parlor. Important to the entire sting was that Lonnegan never finds out that he has been taken. But ...
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Why Wasn't Lonnegan Surprised That Hooker Was Still Alive?

In The Sting Lonnegan had a professional hit-woman, Loretta, work at the diner that Hooker frequently visited so that she could kill him. I'm guessing that with the bet ready to go the next day, ...
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Would the plot have worked without Salino?

Would the plot of The Sting have worked if the character of Salino had never been introduced? While Salino does kill one of Lonnegan's other assassins, they do not appear to impact the plot in any ...
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The confusion between Hooker and Kelly

In The Sting, a key element lies in the fact that Lonnegan and his people do not realise that Hooker and Kelly are the same person. Why is this? Questions to consider: How do Lonnegan's two goons ...
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Why the subterfuge by Salino?

In The Sting, Loretta Salino, Lonnegan's assassin, masquerades as a waitress in a diner in order to get close to Hooker. Why the need for all the subterfuge? Considering how easily she herself was ...
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How much money did it take to run "The Sting"?

I just watched The Sting again this weekend. I know that the pay-off at the end netted the grifters a lot of money, but even before that Gondorff, Hooker, and Twist are spending left and right. ...
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