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Questions tagged [the-ring]

2002 American horror film about a mysterious videotape supposed to kill anyone who watches it after 7 days. Remake of the 1998 Japanese movie Ringu.

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9 votes
7 answers

If Rachel helped Samara, then why is Samara still killing people?

In the movie "The Ring" (2002), why does Aidan say that Rachel wasn't supposed to help Samara? And if Rachel had helped Samara, then why is she still killing people? And why does making a copy of the ...
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1 answer

By whom, how and where was the video in The Ring made?

I've read that there are multiple versions (e.g. Japanese) and sequels of The Ring, I'm talking about the US version from 2002. I've not watched other versions. Many answers regarding this movie are ...
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Why did Samara contact Aiden?

In The Ring Aiden's teacher said that the week before his cousin died he had been drawing various pictures about her death. This, along with several other incidents, imply that Samara was ...
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2 answers

What did "The Ring" (リング, Ringu) in the original Japanese version refer to?

The usual Chinese title for the original Japanese movie is 午夜凶鈴 which might be transliterated roughly as "Midnight Evil/Bad Ring" where the Chinese word "ring" here is without ambiguity referring ...
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12 votes
2 answers

Why does the ghost call the victims?

Is there any significance for the phone call (The "seven days" reminder call from the ghost) in The Ring? Most of the signs the victims saw/experienced after watching the video, like the wet hair, ...
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6 votes
1 answer

Difference between The Ring and Ringu

I watched the Hollywood version of The Ring (2002), but I didn't watch the original Japanese version Ringu (1998). Are the plots of both movies exactly the same? If not, what are the differences ...
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