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Project Almanac (2015) is an american film that tells the story of a group of high school students who build a time machine.

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Why does David go back instead of just telling Christina that he has feelings for her?

In Project Almanac, the group made a pact/promise that they would only go back together as a group, never individually. At the music festival, when David doesn't kiss Christina, he goes back on his ...
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Camera recording time paradox

When David and Chris first found their dad's old camera (CAM-1) in the attic in Project Almanac, Chris leaves her "present and modern camera" on the table to record themselves while watching what was ...
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Does the music festival really exist?

I saw Project Almanac today and I am not even going to ask about any of the highly illogical time travel events of the movie. Instead I want to ask about one of the events that takes place and the ...
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Is the title "Project Almanac" an homage to Back to the Future?

I am not sure why this movie was called Project Almanac. As far as I remember the protagonists just make up the name out of the blue and never mention it again, so maybe there is no significance at ...
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