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Oscar nominated movie, Phantom Thread is a 2017 American period drama film, set in 1950’s post-war London. It is Daniel Day Lewis's last film before retirement. Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, starring Daniel Day Lewis, Vicky Krieps, Lesley Manville among others.

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Did Reynolds recognize what Alma was doing, and if so why does he go along with it?

According to the Wikipedia summary of Phantom Thread: Alma responds by making Reynolds a poisoned omelette. As he chews his first bite, she informs him that she wants him weak and vulnerable with ...
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What is the meaning of "gold person or a silver person"?

In the movie Phantom Thread (2017), Reynolds, a tailor, meets Mona and asks her few questions: Reynolds: Is Your Royal Highness a gold person or a silver person? Mona: Silver. Reynolds: ...
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What does the title "Phantom Thread" mean?

What does the title "Phantom Thread" mean? Is this some tailor craftsmanship jargon? Or was it referenced in the movie itself?
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Role of Johanna in Phantom Thread

Recently I watched the Oscar nominated movie Phantom Thread, starring Daniel Day Lewis. In the beginning a character of Johanna (played by Camilla Rutherford) is shown as in some relationship with the ...
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