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2014 British-American fantasy horror TV show set in Victorian London and inspired by stories and characters from gothic and pulp literature of that time.

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Why are John Clare and Lily immortal?

When the Creature/John Clare first appears in Penny Dreadful, he kills Proteus, Frankenstein's second creation, who is quite clearly mortal. However, in a number of instances afterward, the Creature ...
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What creature is Vanessa Ives?

What creature is Vanessa Ives from Penny Dreadful? Two fallen angels want her and need her to conquer the world, she is "the mother of night", so who is Vanessa Ives? Lilith incarnation? Other fallen ...
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What is the significance of the title Penny Dreadful?

According to Wiki: Penny dreadful is a pejorative term used to refer to cheap popular serial literature produced during the nineteenth century in the United Kingdom. The stories themselves were ...
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What is the significance of the paintings present in the house of Dorian Gray?

In the series "Penny Dreadful" every time Dorian Gray's hall is shown it is full with paintings. So is there any significance to the paintings present?
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What type of creatures are the young ladies of Mrs. Poole?

At the beginning of Penny Dreadful season 2 we see 3 creatures attack Ethan and Miss Ives. Later we learn that they are working for Mrs. Poole along with a 4th one, named Hecate and called daughter of ...
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How did Mr. Chandler know how to help possessed Vanessa?

In the Penny Dreadful episode "Possession", how at the very end did Mr. Chandler know how to exorcise Vanessa's demon? AFAIK, at no point earlier in the series was this eluded to, and given that he ...
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