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2015 Netflix series chronicling Pablo Escobar's rise to power

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How was Gustavo Gaviria able to appear in this scene?

I watched Narcos a long time ago, but I know that Gustavo Gaviria is killed by police after he gets caught. However, Pablo Escobar later talks with Gustavo on the bench when he goes out to the ...
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Is Popeye shown in the Narcos Series?

I recently found out about John Jairo Velásquez - Popeye. I do not remember anyone with that name in the Narcos series. Is he even in there? If so, who is playing him?
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Where is agent Murphy in season 3?

As far as I know there is no mention of agent Murphy in the third season. I was wondering if this is how it was in reality that agent Murphy did not work against Cali Cartel or maybe the actor ...
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What could have saved the Cali Cartel?

I just finished watching the third Narcos season. I was trying to compare the fates of Pablo and the Cali Cartel. Both were involved in the drugs business, that is illegal and the authorities are ...
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What does the gift to Chepe mean?

At the end of the season 3 of Narcos, Miguel, who wants to gain trust from Chepe and Pacho, gives each one a precious gift. To Pacho, he gives the secret location of the Salazars (who murdered his ...
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Why is there a mix of English and Spanish dialogs in Narcos?

It happens a lot that characters speak in Spanish most of the time, but sometimes they switch to English. Why do "Colombian" characters speak in English sometimes? Is this a movie technique, or does ...
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In Narcos Season 3, how did that skypager end up in Enrique's pocket?

In Season 3, Episode 8, Convivir, Miguel captured Enrique who ratted out Jorge as the American informant, but during the final confrontation, the skypager given by the DEA to Jorge somehow ended up in ...
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Why is Pablo Escobar not speaking proper Spanish?

I am watching the series Narcos in the original language. This means that Pablo Escobar's voice, among others, is in Spanish. From the very beginning, his accent sounded very strange to me, not ...
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Explanation of Tata's words

In the episode Deutschland 93 from the second season of Narcos Tata meets Murphy in the plane from Germany to Colombia and says to him: I hope you enjoyed Germany. It seems that the most plausible ...
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Explanation of "Lucumi"

In the eighth episode of the second season of Narcos when Murphy and Pena are interrogating Blackie the following dialogue can be heard: Pena: Blackie Blackie, Blackie, Blackie. [Sighs] What name ...
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Was Narcos shot on location?

The show features scenes from many places in Colombia, most notable Medellín but also Bogotá and Cali, as well as brief interludes from Chile/Peru and Panama. How much of the South American scenes ...
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Does Narcos use real corpses?

I was looking through Netflix and saw the Colombian druglord themed series called Narcos, it looked interesting so I checked out the details, where I saw this: While I can imagine that using a real ...
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