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Law & Order: Special Victims Unit is a crime drama television series, the first-spin off of Law & Order. Its first episode aired in 1999.

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When did Stabler meet Benson's Son, Noah

I have just finished watching Law & Order: Special Victims Unit 23x20 and the episode ends with Benson and Noah celebrating Mother's Day I was surprised to find out that Benson has introduced ...
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Were any Law & Order actors real law enforcement officers or attorneys?

In the Law & Order series (including the sister series SVU and Criminal Intent), were any of the cast actual attorneys in the past, or had they been in actual law enforcement as officers or ...
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What are the verdicts of law suits in Law & Order Special Victim Unit?

I started watching Law & Order Special Victim Unit from season 1. I noticed there is a mini plot next to the major story line in each episode, and the mini plot normally involves a member of SVU ...
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90s Prostitute reference in Law & Order: SVU

Episode 4 in season 1 of Law & Order: SVU is about a policeman that kills prostitutes, and one night he killed a woman that was in good health and had good nutrition, and the mortician referred to ...
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What caused Elliot Stabler to be suspended and quit?

I never really saw the end of season 12 of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit but I did know that throughout the series Elliot Stabler would get suspended or investigated by Internal Affairs ...
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Casey Novak's lie and departure

In Law & Order: SVU, what was the 'lie' that Casey Novak told to a judge that led to her being fired/disbarred/imprisoned? What exactly was the consequence? How did it come out that she had lied?
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