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Reason for the uncommon German license plates in "Hanna"

Being German myself, I've noticed that the German license plates in Hanna have quite a strange format, it's something like B-123-ABC whereas the common format is B-AB 1234 Where the first part (...
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1 answer

Why did he cover himself with goose fat?

In Hanna (2019), Episode 2 (maybe 3?), Erik buys 2 kilos of goose fat and then rubs it on himself before swimming across the lake. What was the purpose of this?
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Filming of scene in Hanna

Could someone explain to me the camera and scene setup in this clip from Hanna (2011)? I am wondering why they filmed it so that the closeups of a single face are ...
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What happened to Sophie and her family in "Hanna"

In the movie Hanna, with Saoirse Ronan, Eric Bana, and Cate Blanchett, what happened to Sophie (Jessica Barden) and her family? Can we assume that Marissa murdered them? That's what I got when she ...
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What's with Marissa's bleeding gums in Hanna?

I just watched Hanna (2011). At a couple of points during the film, the agent Marissa is seen brushing her teeth until they bleed. Is there a purpose to these scenes? They seemed to be focused on, ...
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