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Near the end of the movie Flying Swords of Dragon Gate one extra twist is thrown into the mix. The "maid" who is said to be bearing the child of Yu Huatian (the head of the West Bureau) betrays the main characters and hopes to assist Yu Huatian.

The way it's presented makes it seem that this was the plan all along. But the beginning of the movie begs to differ. For instance, why would she have stayed with Ling after her life was saved? Was it because they expected Zhao to have saved her, instead of Ling? Then the "maid" decided that she would probably run into Zhao again if she stayed with Ling, even though there didn't seem to be any evidence that this would be the case?

It comes down to two possible scenarios:

  1. She is not a maid, was never a maid, likely not pregnant, and just set up as a trap?
  2. She is actually a maid, and just keeps falling for Yu Huatian, which is the only reason she decides to help him.

Neither scenarios seem very likely actually. What am I missing?

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The maid was a bit confused about which side she should choose, thus in the end she acts like she's not pregnant and fights whoever she encounters in the dragon temple. She actually loses her mind because there is no hope for them, she thought they would not survive the sand storm.

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