In the new Showtime revival of Twin Peaks, the sheriff of Twin Peaks is now Frank Truman, who is filling in for his brother Harry Truman who has fallen sick (This is because Michael Ontkean, the actor who played Harry Truman, refused to reprise his role).

We see multiple instances of Frank's wife storming into the Sheriff station and getting irrationally angry at anything that Frank says. We finally learn the reason - she used to be a loving wife, but then their son committed suicide after suffering PTSD from serving in war.

My question is, did this son ever appear in the original series?

The reason I ask is that I vaguely remember a relative of Harry being one of the Bookhouse Boys (a secret society that protects Twin Peaks from the darkness in the woods). I think this relative was Harry's nephew, but I could be mis-remembering things.

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No. We never see him.

I'm not sure who you mis-remember as being Harry's relative, but might it be Cappy?

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