In The Sixth Sense, Malcolm and his wife discover an intruder in their home to be one of Malcolm's former patients, Vincent Grey.

Vincent is standing in Malcolm's bathroom dressed only in his underwear to confront Malcolm.

Vincent Grey

We see Vincent's clothes on the bathroom floor, so he removed them after entering the home.

What was the purpose of Vincent removing his clothes after he entered Malcolm's home? Is this ever explained?

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    I guess it's just the behavior of someone mentally unstable, even childish (like Cole going to the bathroom at night in his underwear later on). – Walt Jan 28 '17 at 8:59
  • I always thought that it looked like he was wet (or it could have been sweat) so I thought he had started to shower, or was showering. I also thought that perhaps it was put into the movie to show off the guy's physique. I also think @Walt is on to something correlating Vincent and Cole to be very similar situations, at least to the viewer. – Tim S. May 23 '17 at 13:58

The correct answer, unfortunately, is "No". They never explain it in the movie, but the idea they most convey is that Malcolm "stripped" Vincent of his mental stability. It's clear that Vincent is unhinged, and we find out later in the movie that it's because Vincent "saw dead people". This is what tied Malcolm to Cole as well, and why Vincent must stay to eventually help Cole.

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