It was a live-action, can't remember if its a show or a movie (I was really young then), but here's everything that I can remember:

Three teens (two boys and a girl) found an old device (in a garage, maybe) with a black and white picture showing a digital image of someone's face on it. He gives them a silver colored super suit that increases strength; they used it to get rid of some bullies. Later, the superhero gives the girl something that can make her invisible.

He also tells them that there's a supervillain named Crab or The Crab (not sure if it's the correct name).

Meanwhile, the supervillain (who is, by the way, an old man in a wheelchair) gives his granddaughter (or maybe just a teen girl) a super suit that increases speed (she was able to make an acrobatic move immediately).

Also, I remember that some kind of a malfunction came over the superhero's device that made it forget things (something like amnesia), but one of the two boys was able to fix it.

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    Is the crab a human, animal, half-half, alien ?
    – Fabich
    Commented Jan 11, 2017 at 1:20
  • @Lordofdark I guess he was an old man in a wheelchair.
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Legacy of the Silver Shadow

Could it be Legacy Of The Silver Shadow? It is an Australian TV Show from 2002.

Four ordinary kids face the extraordinary fact that a superhero really did exist in their city. The Silver Shadow is a forgotten crusader who waged a solitary war against crime and wrongdoing in the city 50 years ago. The kids discover a recording of the Silver Shadow's mind - an artificial intelligence the hero constructed in case he ever lost his fight against evil. The recording has a single purpose: to recruit a replacement. For our four kids, it's an opportunity of a lifetime - to learn and implement the Silver Shadow's heroic powers. They embark upon a bizarre double life - school kids by day, fledgling superheroes by night.

According to some information I found in this other site, the Villain's name is: The Crab.

Josh, Alex, Campbell and Gretel are thrown together when they discover the underground headquarters of the Silver Shadow, a long-forgotten dead superhero. Although defeated in the 1950s by his arch enemy, the Crab, the Silver Shadow lives on as a digital recording in an old computer.

Reactivated, he convinces the unlikely team to take up his battle against evil and injustice. Meanwhile, in a retirement home across town, the elderly Crab has begun training his grand-daughter Fiona to take over the family business…

(My emphasis)

Silver Shadow Team


I found this PDF from the same site as the previous link, that seems like a kid's exercise about the Silver Shadow. It has some additional information that adds up to your description:

Across town, The Crab, now in …….. seventies and wheelchair-bound, begins to train his grand-daughter Fiona to take ……………. his evil empire and bring his plans for world domination to ……………….. The Shadow sighs.

(Again my emphasis)

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    I can't believe somebody found it! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! It brings back so many memories!
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    @user22360 Hey! No problem, man! Glad that it was it! :)
    – LeonX
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