One thing that's haunting me after watching the movie "Agora" is the title, What was the significance of this title?

  • agora - phobia?
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  • @Richard : This title relevance with the movie
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  • Greek word: αγορα, transscription: agora, translates as: market. Commented Apr 14, 2016 at 6:44

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It's from the Greek word "Agora", the meaning of which was

"gathering place" or "assembly".

Many sources discuss and confirm this, but I like Roger Ebert's description the best:

[Hypatia's] father Theon (Michael Lonsdale) was the curator of the Library of Alexandria, which had as its mission "collecting all the world's knowledge." Scholars traveled there from across the ancient world, doing research and donating manuscripts. It was destroyed by Christians in 391 A.D., and "Agora" takes place in the years surrounding that incalculable loss.

The film's title refers to a name for the public assembly places in ancient Greek city-states. The library was such an agora, and we see Hypatia teaching a class of young men who listen to her with open admiration.


Per wikipedia

The title of the film takes its name from the agora, a gathering place in ancient Greece, similar to the Roman forum.

This was explicitly confirmed in a huffpo interview with the film's lead actress; Rachel Weisz

W&H: The film was huge in Spain. A blockbuster. Can you explain the word Agora?

RW: It’s an ancient Greek word that means market place. It’s a place where people met. And I guess the premise of the film, or the conceit of the title is, the earth is an Agora. It’s a meeting place for humans who don’t get along.

  • As an aside, "agoraphobia" comes from "agora", and reveals it's true meaning as a "fear of crowds, or social situations", rather than a fear of being outdoors, which many people seem to think is the meaning. Commented Apr 12, 2016 at 16:27

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