At the end of Thunderball, when escaping the boat, Bond gives Felix a life ring and then pushes him off the boat. Bond and Domino then jump off the boat, before it hits some rocks and explodes.

A helicopter then drops a self-inflating lifeboat into the water, which Bond and Domino climb into, before being pulled away by a plane.

Why did they just leave Felix? Is it just because James Bond films always end up with him and the Bond girl together, and it would be weird if Felix was there with them?

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Strangely this was on TV yesterday so I can answer.

It wasn't Felix Leiter at the end, it was Ladislav Kutze who was Largo's physicist. As he was a henchman, albeit one who redeemed himself by freeing Domino, we don't really care, so it's never resolved.

More info about him here.

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    This sounds like a good answer, but could you provide a script excerpt or screenshot to prove it? Commented Aug 10, 2014 at 19:31
  • thank you mark. @CrowTRobot he is correct. I googled a picture of Ladislav Kutze and that is the guy I was thinking of. I assumed it was Felix Leiter, because he helped free Domino and stop the bomb. There is a little more info on the following link. debrief.commanderbond.net/topic/28258-thunderball-ending/…
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  • also the reason I asked this is because I had just watched it on TV :)
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