In the film Dune (2021), why was this line, "Dreams are messages from the deep." spoken in an alien voice/language? This entire film felt like a dream. What does it mean?

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    I haven't seen the new film and it's been some time since I read any of the novels, but this review attempts to answer the Q with the idea that "Paul's dreams" factor into all the pressure and mistrust he feels. piedmontroar.com/9574/sliderposts/…. Mar 5 at 20:13

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This entire film felt like a dream

There is a popular fans theory (never confirmed) that the whole film is indeed a dream of Leto II, the God Emperor. He was heavily using prescience, and could essentially see into the past and future freely.

"Dreams are messages from the deep." is not a sentence from the books, it was added by the film director, so it might be a hint the above theory is correct.


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