In The Mandalorian episode 1.05 (Chapter 5, The Gunslinger), Din Djarin goes to look for bounty guild work in Mos Eisley on the planet Tatooine, to pay for repairs he needs for his ship.

At a local cantina, Din learns that the guild no longer operates on Tatooine, but meets a wanna-be bounty hunter named Toro Calican, who collected a bounty of deadly assassin named Fennac Shand before he left Mid Rim. Toro wants Din Djarin to help him so he can officially join the bounty guild. Knowing of her reputation, Din goes on to explain that she will be hard to catch being such a well-known mercenary and since The New Republic had shut down many of her former crime-syndicate employers...

My question is, Whose the client that put the bounty on Fennec Shand?

Note: Perhaps this has not been answered yet, but could very soon be with the launch of spin-off series, The Book of Boba Fett.
  • Does this matter? She made enemies, and now the Empire has fallen one of those enemies took revenge.
    – BCdotWEB
    Jan 2 at 15:27
  • @BCdotWEB Possibly. What I mean is she's becoming a much bigger character as she is now a co-lead in TBOBF (a beginning of a redemption story about Boba attempting to be big player in crime world) and she recurs in TBB, so her past and who it is, could matter to her character "personally" as her on going story/stories untold. Also all Mando-verse stories are allegedly building to 1 bigger story telling event at some point AND it's pretty clear that a lot of these stories are filling in the sequel trilogy backstory...strandcast clones = Snokes, Rey's dad, Darth Sidious via Sith Eternal. Jan 2 at 17:27
  • Does it matter that Luke Skywalker's father is Darth Vader? To Luke Skywalker it does--it drives his whole story. So sure, it remains to be seen how big of the deal this client may be to Fennac/The story, but it *could be someone that drives her or marks a pivotal turning point in her/the story somewhere. The empire is not dead--it's re configuring into New Order & Sith Army on Exegol via Sidious/Sith Eternal. Jan 2 at 17:31

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