Some TV series contain a turned "E" character in their titles, such as:

(Feel free to add other examples.)

Is there some common underlying meaning to this usage, or is it just used as a "cool" thing, like a Metal umlaut?

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    Was the last character in ÉLITƎ always a backwards E which almost makes the series logo an ambigram or was it added to the series logo in the third season to note a 3? – user18935 Apr 7 '20 at 4:07
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    could it be that it's a hint that the series is about "turning" someone? Also I think that Etile means in spanish "ethics". – SZCZERZO KŁY Apr 7 '20 at 8:15
  • The Event had it's second "e" mirrored too! It usually donates either a "3" or that this is about mystery that is "off" or a show that might have mirrored themes... – Darth Locke Apr 7 '20 at 16:57
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    @DarthLocke, thanks, I've added it to the list. – Ray Butterworth Apr 7 '20 at 17:50

There is no underlying meaning to this - each case should be interpreted separately. Sometimes it can be a reference to 3, or to make the logo more symmetrical, or to make the word look more like a different language, or to show that something is not right, but in a different way, etc.

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