In S01E01 in a starting scene, we see Jimmy working in a restaurant. We see similar scenes at the start of many episodes.

How did Jimmy end up working there? and What is the significance of those scenes?

PS: Just FYI, I am in the middle of season 3 (so try to be careful with potential spoilers).

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    Breaking Bad explains it all. You need to see the end of the series especially to understand. I'm going to leave it at that and not make this an official answer either. Oct 14 '19 at 18:01
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    @MissouriSpartan While I think BrBa explains how he got there, it doesn't explain what it really means, as the point of doing a prequel/sequel with Jimmy is to analyze whom he really is. As Bob Oderick has stated on a few occasions, Saul Goodman was never who Jimmy really was--so it's impart about learning how Saul Goodman is born and in part about if Jimmy can ever go back to being Jimmy again, because we are learning about what Jimmy lost and/or if he can still somehow come out on top??!! Oct 16 '19 at 13:57
  • Jimmy? Who the hell's Jimmy? The guy at the Cinnabon is Gene Takavic! Apr 4 '20 at 16:01

We don't know yet to what point or end the future scenes will have.

(About the Season 4 Opening Future Scene:)

On this week's edition of the Better Call Saul Insider podcast (via The Wrap), a brand new, quite intriguing curveball has been thrown into the mix when it comes to those aforementioned flashfowards. While speaking on the program, Gilligan, Gould, and Odenkirk suggested that these sequences might be set prior to the events of Breaking Bad's series finale, and that the person "Gene" most fears the wrath of is possibly .

They do however take place before Breaking Bad ends between episodes 5.15 & 5.16.

The general idea here is to realize that there are "3" personas of Jimmy McGill, with "Saul Goodman" really being a kind of mask Jimmy comes to wear. It's unclear what exactly "Gene's" Cinnabon-future (and back at the mall) implies for Jimmy, except to say that he has been living a very isolating and solitary life style in order to stay under the radar and it's hard to imagine Jimmy being able to do this for very long, given his need to constantly talk and socialize with other people.

There are characters still currently alive in Better Call Saul that didn't seem to exist during the events of Breaking Bad, and at least one of those characters, or even a character that isn't alive currently, could be fundamental to where ever these future scenes are going or will land, as Jimmy's brother, Kim, and Nacho are the character's deeper ties to whom he truly is or what he really wants.

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