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131 votes

In what spot would the new Star Wars movie "Rogue One" go in the Machete Order?

17 votes

Why did Aldo Raine have that scar?

15 votes

How does Harry Potter save himself from the dementors?

14 votes

What happened to Obi-Wan's lightsaber after his encounter with Darth Vader?

8 votes

Why is Max known as "Mad Max" in the Mad Max Franchise?

8 votes

What did Bohr mean when he asked Oppenheimer "Can you hear the music"?

7 votes

Why was Inglourious Basterds misspelt?

4 votes

Where was this Old Amsterdam commercial filmed, exactly?

3 votes

Gabriel's Wristbands in Constantine

3 votes

Why are not all IMAX theaters domed?

3 votes

Which game is it?

2 votes

What has the greatest chance of being in Marcellus Wallace's briefcase?

1 vote

Were people allowed to smoke on TV back in the 1960s to 1970s?

0 votes

Episode From Old Sci-fi TV Series