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15 votes

Why didn't silent movies have subtitles?

12 votes

Why do movies think the speed of sound is as fast as the speed of light?

11 votes

How is color determined when colorizing black and white movies?

7 votes

Is the electric track the tour vehicles follow on in Jurassic Park actually possible?

6 votes

What is this video effect where there's a square on the left side of the frame?

6 votes

Why are some DVDs with old movies have black bars on all four sides of the screen

4 votes

What was the first movie to feature both black and white as well as color scenes?

3 votes

Why are most sounds dubbed in afterwards for movies, instead of being recorded live?

3 votes

Why do some movies originally shot on film have notably vivid reds and skin tones?

1 vote

First use of on-screen text messages, like in Sherlock and House of Cards

1 vote

Why do most space movies contain sound?

0 votes

Would special effects for early movie patrons seem real?

-1 votes

Why do some movies start with a big rotating circle and countdown?