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Tiago Cardoso
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Tech Program Manager working for Creditas (amongst top 10 FinTechs in Brazil) who loves his work and is always available to discuss the best approach to do things. As a leader, I seek for having not only the code done but the end user needs solved (which sometimes means no coding at all).

I'm a little freaky about organization; I have (I believe) an above-the-average tendency to make sure not only coding is done but also documentation is updated and the 'non-code' is also done properly.

After some years, I realized that coding is only a very small part of IT job: if coding is most of the work, then the work is being done wrongly!

I'm also interested in volunteer activities (especially digital inclusion), so if you need a hand from a Portuguese / Spanish / English speaker, feel free to drop me a message.

If you want to know more about me, check me out @ LinkedIn or through my personal blog where I share the Lessons I learned.

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