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What wise choice does Varys intend to make?
15 votes

Lord Varys wants to see people happy and is thinking about normal people. Daenerys kind of reminds him of the Mad King, who wanted to burn everything and everyone, Cersei burnt the Sept, Joffrey was ...

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Is the Night King capable of going across the sea?
Accepted answer
11 votes

If we think logically, he could have come around the wall if he could freeze the sea (shown in red). I think, with the help of the dragon he captured, he can fly across the ocean.

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Where were the dragon skulls?
2 votes

It is stored in a Dank cellar in the Red Keep Linked

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What happened to Lyanna Mormont?
1 votes

Based on the storyline, We know that the Night King can raise the dead. In the picture below the movie-maker shows a series of dead people being bought alive. Lyanna Mormont: I don't know how she ...

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What did Tyler Durden mean by "first you have to give up"?
0 votes

An attempt of translation, He is telling Edward Norton's character to let go of his fears, and to not be in his head all the time because eventually everyone’s going to die.

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