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huseyin tugrul buyukisik

My first open-source github repository(GPGPU multi-device OpenCL load balancer and pipeliner) Cekirdekler API:


GPGPU based epic space RTS/RPG/Simulation hybrid game with up to 4 million space ships and 160 million crews on map(also has benchmark mode for 720p and 1080p):

https://github.com/tugrul512bit/KaloriferBenchmarkGPU/blob/master/EpicWarCL_v0159.part1.rar https://github.com/tugrul512bit/KaloriferBenchmarkGPU/blob/master/EpicWarCL_v0159.part2.rar

Pros: natural spaghetti coder ---> code security

Cons: slow coding ---> but firm

Neutral: optimizer ---> decreases readability x10 and heats cpu/gpu more

I was a gamer. It was just waste of time.

I am a physics engineer. Worth losing some brain cells but havent used for anything yet.

I want to be a wide-spectrum programmer.

I am doing high performance computing on gpus and cpus at home for fun.

  • fpga(noob)

    • Physics
    • Maths
    • Algorithm complexity(mid)
    • Computational relational algebra(beginner)
    • Fuzzy logic(beginner)

    • Java(mid)

    • LabView(good)
    • QBasic(very good)
    • C(mid) and C++(mid) and C#(nice)
    • Fortran(good)
    • Assembly(beginner)
    • DarkBasic(beginner)
    • phsical modeling(good)
    • Parallel computing Opencl(good)
    • Neural network(beginner)
    • Html(good) and CSS(good)
    • Node-js(playing with a multithreaded async queued processing pipelie for content serving)

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