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Why were the later films of The Chronicles Of Narnia never filmed?
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4 votes

According to Robert Sneddon on Quora, there were conflicts between distributor/production companies (Walt Disney and Walden Media, respectively) and Lewis Estate (owner of Narnia copyright). The ...

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Why does Moana say 'I've delivered us to where we are'?
2 votes

Because Moana is the only one in Motunui that believes in grandma that insisted the legends are true. ... Grandma: But one day, the heart will be found. By someone who will journey beyond our reef, ...

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Why did the Tolmekians and villagers get into a battle over the valley forest?
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I have never read the original manga series, but seen the movie multiple times and it is my top 1 favourite Ghibli film. And here's my interpretation based on my understanding. The villagers are ...

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