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Did Mike's granddaughter get Mike's money?
10 votes

No. When money is found to have been gotten through illegal means it no longer belongs to the initial beneficiaries. This money (from what I understand) now belongs to the state. From the latest ...

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Was the revenge justified?
8 votes

I don't find any plot dilemma here at all. Oh Dae Su was imprisoned because the antagonist wanted him to suffer. Whether he deserved this is never discussed because the punishment came from a ...

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Why does Walter use Lily Of The Valley instead of ricin?
6 votes

Ricin was always Walt's go-to poison. This is becuase it's not at all common and very hard to detect. As knowlegable as Gus was, it's very unlikely that he'd know about a poison such as ricin.Gus is ...

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Why didn't they leave one end of the wire at the beach?
Accepted answer
5 votes

This is just what I gathered from both the book and film. It's likely that the group was being watched by the others. If they'd left anything behind it would arouse their suspicion and risk failure. ...

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Why don't they try to change the past?
1 votes

From what I gathered: Our protagonist was unable to change the past because it was part of his present. He could have changed everything had he been told by someone else sent to him. This person ...

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