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21 votes

Why didn't the fellowship use eagles to travel into Mordor?

14 votes

What happened to the bodies in American Psycho?

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Was Dr. Lecter really cooking human flesh?

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Why does Xerxes think he's a god?

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Benicio del Toro as Fenster - What Accent is This?

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Why was Mason Verger in a wheelchair?

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How did Indy know not to look into the Ark?

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Why didn't Aldrich Killian use the fire-breathing in close combat against Tony Stark?

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How did Sherlock survive the fall?

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What exactly did Fredo do to betray Michael?

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What did the Corleone family gain from doing favors for Johnny Fontane?

1 vote

Rose's voice in Doctor Who Season 4

1 vote

Why was Blofeld in a wheelchair in the beginning of For Your Eyes Only?

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How did Toshio die?

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Who killed the assassins after the failed hit on Michael Corleone?

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What happened to Willie Cicci after the grand jury in Godfather II?

-1 votes

Why does Frankie Pentangeli's would be assassin say "Michael Corleone says hello"?