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MirBSD founder (this includes mksh and jupp development), FreeWRT core team member (and casual contributor to its partial successor OpenADK and µClibc-ng), Debian Developer, MuseScore contributor) and doing lots of OSS work (Free Software/Services/Music, OER) in general (virtually all C libraries, lots of porting, etc).

I hereby offer all content (but see below) I author on the SO/StackExchange network also under The MirOS Licence (HTML version with less WTF-8) in addition to “cc-wiki” (CC-BY-SA 2.5 or 3.0, depending on the SO/SE network site, apparently). This licence grant does not extend to any “Profile Content”. I urge everyone else contributing here to do the same. In addition, should the proposed MIT licence change go into effect, I require full MIT licence terms on reuse of my work under the MIT licence granted to SO/SE (reuse under The MirOS Licence already requires full terms to be retained).

Naruto hat-wearing BSD dæmonEnglish is only my third language, so please excuse any mistakes related to that I may make, e.g. when not fully awake. I do try.

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