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Fox's analysis of the Bat
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29 votes

If I'm remembering right, the techs say that the change was 'checked in'. I took this to mean 'checked into source control'. That is: There are two bats They both use the same software, which ...

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What was the "Dinosaur Supervisor" actually supposed to do in Jurassic Park?
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12 votes

Given Phil Tippett's background in animation, he appears to have been given a lead technical/animator role, supervising how the CGI dinosaurs looked/moved. Interestingly, the wikipedia makes mention ...

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Can a movie that is banned in its home country be distributed in other countries?
1 votes

Movies, as property, are not legal or operating entities, and thus don't have "home countries". So movies themselves are not subject to the laws of any given country. But whoever owns (or is making) ...

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How did Talia find her father?
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ahem There's these things called telephones. In the era before cheap, pay-as-you-go cells (aka 'burners'), you were restricted to landlines. To set up clandestine calls, have someone call a ...

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