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Why was tilt shift used for the Henley sequence in The Social Network?
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12 votes

Should have googled properly before posting the question. As it turns out, the creative decision was actually a workaround to a date problem. Fincher actually wanted to shoot the whole scene in Henley ...

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Michael Fassbender's Steve Jobs reference to Seth Rogen's Wozniak as "Rain Man"
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In Rain Man (1988), Dustin Hoffman's titular character is a genius suffering from autism and thus has no social skills to survive normally in the world full of lies and deceptions. Even his brother ...

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Did Ricky tell his father he is gay, so he would kill Lester?
5 votes

According to the script, Ricky definitely did not rile up his father to get to get him to murder Lester. However he did not even say those words just to hurt or piss off his father. This is something ...

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