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  • Oldenburg, Germany

Programmer, analyst, gamer.

Active member of the SOCVR (despite lacking the CV-privilege). Feel free to join us & help keeping SO clean!

I love discussions of all sorts, and I actively participate in them whenever I feel like it (wether it's on meta or in chat).

What I enjoy:

  • discussions
  • analysing anything
  • programming
  • designing projects

What I absolutely dislike:

  • working with a poorly designed project
  • ignorance
  • "Separators" (properties used to separate people into different categories)
    • Popular examples are ethnicity, skin color, gender
  • "offended" people
    • If someone disagrees with your opinion, deal with it
    • If someone does something you dislike, deal with it

Please understand that whatever one does, it's that persons business, as long as it is not actually affecting other people, and even then it's just bound by laws. If I were to tell a person off for believing in the spaghetti monster because it offends me, how'd that make me look like? Exactly the same way as most "offended" people: Stupid.


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